The time has come for a cloud-based SAAS (Software As A Service) with an interactive web-based portal for use by the self-storage industry. This online toll will be used for analyzing pertinent current data to enable self-storage facility owners and operators to make timely management and financial decisions.


The Optimizer is an intelligent tool for the multi-site Owner or REIT/Management Group to bring additional revenue and value to their many locations. This intelligent tool uses a proprietary programmed interactive mapping and reporting system. Through the use of color-based pins and shading, these maps will provide a tremendous baseline for decision-making options about the protection plan fees to be charged in a “bull” or “bear” market.

The Optimizer is a dynamic, daily use tool that will take into consideration local, state, and regional markets and other measurements to determine whether to raise, hold, or lower these protection fees. There is no software download necessary. And the best part, there are printable reports that may be produced to help Owners/Operators/Management to properly program their site management software for the best pricing and profits!

How Much Will It Cost?

This is subscription based, right. In other words, if I’m a self-storage operator/owner, I subscribe to the service for a fee and have access our proprietary cloud-based software you host.

Free 60 or 90 days
Trial Period

Non Client:
subscription-based SAAS

There will be a “Membership Start-up Video guide” and “Support” Section. This would be included

*Consulting would come from applying the results to particular customers on ‘what product line to offer’; how to implement changes to their management software; and revenue forecasting. Harry and Bill, along with our programming team, will offer “coaching/consulting” services at their discretion or would consider travel and training fee-based services for select clients.


  • We will “Test Launch” the product by Mid-August with our current ‘large’ TPP clients.
  • We will look at a soft launch in March 2020.
  • The actual “Hard Launch” date will be the first week of April 2020 at ISS World Expo in Las Vegas – Our largest industry’s tradeshow.

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